A new Islamic State propaganda video features a Qantas passenger jet, Melbourne airport and St Paul's Cathedral.

The video, released on November 7, contains confronting images of beheadings, corpses and missiles in the Middle East, before a shot of Melbourne's cityscape appears, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Victoria Police's counter terrorism command told the Sydney Morning Herald the video was "similar in content" to other IS videos.

"While such materials are disturbing, Victoria Police is not aware of any direct threat to the Victorian community or infrastructure at this time," a spokeswoman told the Sydney Morning Herald.


A generic shot of Melbourne airport included a number of airplanes, including a Qantas passenger jet.

Islamic politics expert Professor Greg Barton said the footage was intended to encourage homegrown terror attacks.

"They're hoping, it would seem, by putting Australian scenes in a propaganda video, somebody in Melbourne or Sydney will look at that and be tipped over the edge into trying to do something," the Deakin University academic told Seven News.