Domino's is shaking up its menu in New Zealand and Australia by adding milkshakes and ice cream to the menu.

Thick shakes were an additional treat offered to shareholders at the pizza maker's annual general meeting in Brisbane, Australia on Monday, where the company also upgraded its full year earnings guidance, saying growth should now be in the order of 30 per cent instead of 25 per cent as previously stated.

A Domino's New Zealand spokesperson said the same milkshakes were set to be added to the menus of New Zealand stores in 2017.

Chief executive Don Meij said sales were higher than expected in the first months of the 2017 financial year and he attributed the growth to the group's biggest menu overhaul launched in September, including new premium pizzas, side dishes and desserts.


Meij said thick shakes and ice cream cups would be rolled out in July next year, with 800 ice cream machines to be added to the Domino's Australian network.

"Thick shakes are part of the $700 million milkshakes and smoothies market in Australia and coupled with ice cream and sundaes the market opportunity is even larger," Meij said.

"Our aim is to target 10 per cent of that market."

Domino's has also unveiled a new digital gift card offering, InstaGift, in time for Christmas, and its drone delivery program is being tested at a secret location in New Zealand.

The group expects same store sales to grow between 12 to 14 per cent in fiscal 2017, up from its previous forecast of 10 to 12 per cent.

Some shareholders opposed the executives' pay packets with a 13 per cent vote against the remuneration report, which still passed with 87 per cent support.

Domino's shares, which have fallen 17 per cent since August, rose $1.92 to $68.22 on Monday.