If you're heading to the United States soon you might want to exchange your money now, a currency exchange expert has warned.

Flight Centre's foreign currency exchange division today issued a caution for Kiwi travellers telling them not to let their holiday money be "Trumped" by the US election.

While a Trump victory could conceivable throw the dollar into dissarray and improve our exchange rate, travellers should avoid unpredictability and volatility.

Daniel Jackson, travel money NZ country manager said:


"While we don't know whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the election, we do know that sudden and unexpected political changes can have a huge impact on currency markets and affect travellers' spending money."

"In June we saw the Brexit vote impact immediately on international currency markets with British Pound notes in short supply as travellers rushed to buy the currency," he said.

"Kiwis who are travelling soon, and especially to the US over the next couple of months in particular should review their currency needs and individual situations and decide whether they should lock in their exchange rate now."

Jackson admitted the travellers could also lose money by locking in an exchange rate now.

"We don't have a crystal ball but we know that many travellers prefer to have certainty," he said.