Sam Ovens was working out of his parents garage in New Zealand four years before he became a millionaire.

Ovens dropped out of university at 21 to focus entirely on his goal of being a millionaire entrepreneur.

By the time he was 25, he achieved his goal and became a consultant to consultants, making over $10 million. From his luxury apartment in Manhattan, he now runs a global e-learning business.

"I took everything I knew about starting a consulting business and turned it into an online course. I started selling the course. The course grew bigger than my main consulting business," he told the Epoch Times.


Ovens said an invitation to a beach house on a private island owned by an entrepreneur made him realise he wanted to run his own company..

"I looked around and thought there was no way I could ever buy an island with my job at Vodafone," he told the Epoch Times.

While working at Vodafone he launched a recruitment website, but it was a complete failure.

Some of the next businesses he started were successful, including the property inspection software called SnapInspect and consulting services.

Ovens had to choose between consulting full-time and the software business, so he sold his shares in SnapInspect to his partner and focused on the more lucrative consulting, where he was making more than $2 million a year.

He started giving lessons over Skype to clients and realised this could be turned into a business.

More than 10,000 people enrolled in his courses and more than 100 people join the online courses every day.

The webinars he sells online earn him $100,000 a day.

His customers include corporate employees who want to quit their jobs, as well as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and students.

His training has helped nine people become millionaires and he says thousands of people have quit their jobs to start their own consulting businesses.