A fashion app is letting you style yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Auckland start up Wearit will today be available on iPhones for Kiwi blokes wanting fashion and style advice.

"Like many good startup stories, I came up with the idea for Wearit to solve my own problem; I was a software developer with absolutely no clue how to dress to impress. I needed a hand but had no one to turn to," Wearit founder Liam Houlahan said.

The app is designed for men who hate shopping but want new clothes - users can get on demand style recommendations from women through the software.


Houlahan said the app harnessed "Girls who love to shop, and want to help guys with their style and get to promote their own style at the same time.

"Even the toughest Kiwi bloke can up his game free with the help of his iPhone and a personal styling assistants on demand," he said.

Users and stylists are connected through the app and able to discuss personal tastes, offering tailored style recommendations directly linked to retailers' websites.

Every year New Zealanders spend more than $3.3 billion on clothing, with online retail sales rapidly increasing.

Wearit has more than 7,000 users and over 15,000 styles available.

Houlahan said the web-only service had been great and that he was excited for the app to roll out.

"We've delivered massive amounts of value to guys wanting to smarten up, girls wanting to help them, and our partner retailers."