Vegetarians rejoice: The meat-free burger trend has officially hit Down Under.

Melbourne-born vegetarian fast food franchise Lord of the Fries is set to open a shop on Auckland's Queen Street on October 27.

The franchise has also set up a Facebook page for its planned store.

Lord of the Fries co-founder Mark Koronczyk said opening a store in New Zealand had been on the radar for a long time.


"Our team is thrilled to be opening the first international LOTF here and to be launching such an exciting new concept with our first shipping container fit-out - double the fries in half the size," Koronczyk said.

"Lord of the Fries is bringing an entirely new offering to Auckland and we can't wait for the city to taste what all the fuss is about."

Lord of the Fries was created out of the want of good quality fries, but has since expanded to produce guilt-free alternatives including veggie burgers, nuggets and hot dogs.

The store will celebrate its opening by giving out free fries.

The ethical food producer has 12 stores across Australia and offers an entire vegetarian menu with vegan options available - despite what its menu board may suggest.

While menu items appear to contain meat, WA Today contributor Simon White, said its vegetarian bacon burger tasted "pretty close" to the real thing.

A self-confessed meat eater turned vegetarian, White said the Fakin' Bacon burger "wasn't a bad approximation of a cheeseburger".

"It was a truly weird feeling to be biting into a burger wondering how much it's going to taste like something I haven't eaten for 12 months," White said in a WA Today article. "It wasn't a bad approximation of a cheeseburger. Although it was hard to tell if it was just the pickles and mustard that did it. Just to be sure, I took out a bit of "bacon" individually and bit down. Pretty close..."


Lord of the Fries founders 'Mandy' and 'Mark' came up with the outlet idea "over late night snack excursions early in 2004."

"Their love for fries drew them closer and their disdain for nasty frozen chemical fries inspired them to create the perfect fry," its website states.

At AU$9 (NZ$9.60) for a burger, the price is not bad considering its niche market.

Lord of the Fries is set to open an outlet in New Zealand.
Lord of the Fries is set to open an outlet in New Zealand.

Ethical fast food and vegan eating have been hot topics of discussion, with New Zealand and Australia seeing a rise of alternative food outlets popping up around the countries.

Last month the Herald took a look at lab-grown meat patties and whether the meat replacement technology could pose a problem to the farming industry.

The "Impossible Burger" - made with a fake meat patty so realistic that it drips pink blood - grabbed headlines around the world.

Kiwi tech-food start up Sunfed Meats has also been creating meat replacement options that taste similar but are made out of plant protein.

Sunfed Meats founder Shama Sukul Lee said she aimed to disrupt the meat industry. "I want to offer consumers what I'd like to eat, which is a delicious meaty bite that is clean and nutritious. And affordable."