This tip is always voted as one of the favourites in my presentations and workshops. I'm sure you're going to love it too.



Time spent writing out repetitive phrases and paragraphs in emails. For example paragraphs from your website or clauses in disclosure statements; an answer to the same question for the 100th time.

2. Remembering chains of numbers such as bank accounts, credit cards.


3. Being too time poor to thank people.

4. Not following up with new contacts and prospects.

5. Not having the time to communicate as each step passes in the business you're transacting with clients.

Solution: You'll never have to dig through sent items or drafts again. Instead create reusable templates within your email program.

Here's How: First, write out your phrase you'd like to save.


Outlook Quick Parts: You'll find Quick Parts on the right hand side of the INSERT Ribbon on an email. Simply highlight the text, click the Insert ribbon>Quick Parts and click save to the quick parts gallery and give it a name. BONUS You'll find Quick Parts also in Word Documents.

Lotus Notes: use the Stationery feature.

Gmail: at the bottom right of an email is a down arrow. Click it and select Canned Responses. First turn it on in Labs (Settings>Lab>Canned Responses)


Mac: Insert Ribbon select Scrapbook

iPhone: use Keyboard Shortcuts which is found in Settings>General

Watch a how-to video here in 46 seconds.