Audi has created a surprisingly heartbreaking ad about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The T-Rex struggles to complete daily tasks with his tiny arms, and talks about how the internet has turned him into a laughing stock.

"You think things are gonna stay the same, then one day, boom, 25 million hits in two days."

He stares dejectedly out the window and spends all his time in bed. Sports don't help, and basic homemaking is just too difficult.


The ad is celebrating the comeback of Audi's T Rex model, which comes with piloted driving feature.

The T-Rex narrates: "But one day, I'm walking along this road... and there it is. Piloted driving.

"It's quite hard to convey the feelings one has. Magic is the feeling I had. It was absolute magic."

The dinosaur is seen sitting comfortable behind the wheel in the driver's seat driving along.

The car can drive itself, without the dinosaur's tiny arms trying to reach the steering wheel.

T-Rex is finally happy.