Pizza company Domino's has launched brand new gourmet pizza toppings, in its largest menu overhaul in seven years.

The new toppings feature gourmet meats such as maple cured rasher bacon, cherry wood smoked leg ham and slow cooked lamb.

The new varieties will include Lamb Tzatziki Pizza, BBQ Lamb and Bacon Pizza and a Creamy Chicken Carbonara Pizza.

The company is launching the new menu on September 19 and said Domino's chief executive Don Meij said they wanted to push the message that pizza can be healthy.


"This is all about challenging consumers to think about what pizza can be and to realise they can do more pizza occasions," Meij said.

Domino's currently offers a variety of different menus including chicken and prawn pizzas, chef's best, traditional pizzas, extra value pizzas, value pizzas, gluten free options, and a design your own pizza option - if ordering online.

As part of the menu update the company is also improving the flavours of existing pizzas including the BBQ Meatlovers and the Supreme.

The company is also adding new sides and desserts to the menu including Korean spicy chicken wings, mac 'n' cheese croquettes, cookie brownies and triple choc brownies and a caramel fudge pie.

"With the introduction of premium new ingredients like slow cooked lamb, fresh mixed capsicum, parmesan cheese and fresh spring onion, as well as brand new items, we really are celebrating the colour of food in our top quality ingredients," Meij said.

Domino's chef Stefaan Codron said the new menu had been months in the making and something he is extremely passionate about.

Once the new menu is launched in Australia and new Zealand, Domino's will also be launching it in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany.