Apple has removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7, which means it's now time to embrace wireless technology.

Customers will have the choice to purchase Apple's own AirPod wireless earbuds for $269 in late October or they could go with a number of third-party options available on the market.

One of the better choices available is Jaybird's Freedom wireless Bluetooth buds, which were developed by Aussie entrepreneur Judd Armstrong.

Armstrong received his education in international business from Griffith University before moving to the US in 2006 to start the company.


Jaybird has since become a global market leader in wireless headphones in 34 countries.

A decade after being established, the company was finally able to officially launch in the Australian market after it was acquired by Logitech earlier this year.

This meant Armstrong was able to return home to the Sunshine Coast, although he still maintains a strong presence in his US office.

"It's been 10 years since Jaybird launched and it's great to be growing the team in America and back home in Australia," he told

With a lot of wireless headphones on the market, Armstrong needed to create a product that would set him apart from the competition.

His solution was making stylish ear buds, without comprising on sound quality or comfort.

"We moved all of the electronics from the headphones to a miniaturised three button controller," he said.

"This meant we no longer needed the plastic housing and we were able to have micro-sized premium metal buds, which make for a more classy design and zero distortion."

Despite the minimalist approach, the wireless buds have an impressive eight hours of play time.

The headphones contain four hours of battery life by themselves, with another four hours when the charging station is clipped onto the three button controller.

Each package contains six memory foam ear tips exclusively designed for Jaybird, which offer maximum noise isolation, fit and comfort.

Also included with the headphones are three different silicone ear fins, which hug into the top, back and lower surface areas of the ear to ensure they stay secure during workouts.

To ensure the headphones perform optimally during exercise, they are also sweat-proof to provide extra confidence.

Design features aside, the best component of the headphones is the "MySound App", which allows users to customise their EQ settings to suit their preferences.

Even more impressive is the fact these presets are saved on your Freedom buds no matter what music device they're paired with.