Property investors are increasing their stronghold on the housing market - shutting out families needing a bigger home.

Newly released CoreLogic buyer classification data shows that multiple property owners, or investors, continue to take the lion's share of housing stock.

In the North Shore and Auckland City, where they are most active, their share of sales in this quarter of 2016 is more than 50 per cent.

Nick Goodall from CoreLogic said the increased activity from investors was at the expense of "movers" or those who needed to buy and sell in the same market.


"This has generally been at the expense of those who need a bigger, more suitable home, perhaps with a growing family or those retiring," Goodall said.

"They are the ones most likely to be impacted by strong competition from investors for good quality housing."

First home buyers had dropped a few per cent from the first quarter of this year but were still relatively active - especially in Waitakere and Manukau.

In Waitakere, first home buyers have accounted for 28 per cent of sales so far in the third quarter of 2016, down from 30 per cent in the first quarter.

In Manukau, first home buyers snapped up 25 per cent of the stock, compared to 26 per cent in the first quarter.

Buyers in the four cheaper South Auckland suburbs of top 10 of annual percentage growth were typically investors and first home buyers.

So far in 2016, 47 per cent of sales have gone to investors, while first home buyers have picked up 33 per cent of sales.

Investors were also very active in the more expensive $1m+ suburbs. They make up 46 per cent of buyers in these areas compared to movers who make up 23 per cent.