The condom of the future is becoming a reality after it shattered its crowdfunding goal.

The Hex condom, created by luxury sex toy company LELO, raised over US$1 million on Indiegogo.
Business Insider described the condom as "an eggshell-coloured piece of latex" and "pretty ordinary".

The secret of the technology behind the condom is revealed when put under pressure.

LELO founder Filip Sedic told Business Insider: "People say, 'I don't use it because it might break.' Give me a break. But people will still use that as an excuse. We have to make sure to eliminate all of these excuses."


Demonstrating the new technology, Sedic punched his hand inside the condom and fanned his fingers, revealing a faint, hexagonal pattern etched into the material. The latex clung around his fingernails, but didn't break. Sedic grabbed a pen and tried to puncture the condom in front of the journalist.

LELO had created a honeycomb lattice-like pattern mould for condoms.

Sedic explained that when pressure is applied to the HEX condom, it stretches in six directions from any point, making it less likely to slip of tear.

According to Business Insider, If you poke a hole in the HEX condom, the damage stays contained in the isingle cell and it won't shatter like traditional condoms.

According to a company spokesperson, 73 per cent of backers across the crowdfunding campaigns were male and 27 per cent were female.

HEX condoms packaged in all white.
HEX condoms packaged in all white.

The innovation comes as Ansell considers selling its condom business as the company launches a review of its "sexual wellness" division.

The company, which manufactures medical gloves and protective clothing along with condoms, lubricant and related items, is considering its options after the division performed strongly in a tough year for the company.

"Is its value greater with Ansell or to someone else? We are testing that through the review process," managing director Magnus Nicolin told investors during this morning's full year results call.

"We are going to be exploring and investigating where this business can go, we haven't decided to sell and will only do it if it's the right thing to do for shareholders."

Ansell's fiscal 2016 full-year profit fell 15.1 per cent to $207.8 million ($US159.1 million), amid a continuing weak global economy and adverse currency fluctuations. On a constant currency basis, net profit fell 2.5 per cent.

Ansell said its sexual wellness business - which includes condoms, personal lubricant and other items - was its best performer on the back of strengthened management, new products, and strong growth in emerging markets, including China.

The company last year took rival Durex to court over an alleged breach of its patent on the material used to make Ansell's "natural feeling" SKYN brand condoms, which are made from lightweight polyisoprene rather than latex.

Ansell's medical gloves business generated lower sales due to supply constraints and weakness in emerging markets partly because of constrained spending on public healthcare.

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