Hannah O'Donnell was stunned when she received an anonymous note saying two shabby cars in her driveway could lower house prices in the neighbourhood.

O'Donnell was one of two people in Flotilla Pace, in the Porirua suburb of Whitby, north of Wellington, to receive the cheeky notes.

"Flotilla Place is a sought after residential location and all residents have a responsibility to uphold certain standards," the note read.

"It has been noted that a vehicle that falls well short of such standards is permanently parked at your address.


"There are properties being marketed in the streets currently and vehicles like yours could have a negative impact on the price your neighbours will be able to achieve for their properties.

"It is recommended that you consider a plan to replace your vehicle."

O'Donnell said she was more amused than offended, and posted a copy on a community Facebook page, asking for an explanation from the author.

"Could the person who put this note in my letterbox please clarify which 'unsuitable vehicle' needs to be replaced?

"Is it the 2013 Peugeot, the (bit shabby) 2003 Mazda 6, or the (well shabby) red van belonging to the landscaper who has been here a bit?"

She told Fairfax on Thursday: "I think people were generally quite surprised and shocked.

Most people thought it was quite funny, like I did, and haven't really taken offence, but I think a couple of people definitely did."

One homeowner suspected the note-dropper may have been annoyed by a white car that was often parked facing the wrong way on the street. Others believed the note was posted by a real estate agent.

Kristin Kerry, a long-term resident of Flotilla Place, told Fairfax the note made her street sound "pretentious".

"But it's not. It is very family orientated and we look after each other."

Another homeowner told Fairfax he thought the note must have been a joke.

"Maybe we should gate the end of Flotilla Place and make it the high society someone obviously thinks it is.

"That's why they call us White-by, after all."