The Commerce Commission has filed 15 charges against insurer Youi alleging it used misleading sales techniques to sell policies to consumers seeking quotes.

The commission is taking the charges under the Fair Trading Act for alleged actions taken by Youi between July 2014 and February 2016.

It claims the insurer made false or misleading representations on its website regarding consumers' ability to get a quote online, made false or misleading statements during phone calls with consumers including telling them bank or credit card details were required to give a quote.

The commission also alleges Youi asserted a right to payment for unsolicited insurance policies by sending demand letters or debiting consumers' bank accounts or credit cards without their permission or knowledge and sent invoices to consumers for unsolicited insurance policies that did not specify there was no obligation to pay for the policies.


In a statement the commission said Youi had co-operated with its investigation and indicated it intended to plead guilty to the charges, which were being taken in the Auckland District Court.

Youi, which is owned by a large South African insurance provider has operated in New Zealand since July 2014 and sells home, contents and vehicle insurance.