If you're a keen runner, swimmer or triathlete, chances are you have two major features on your Apple Watch wishlist. According to a leaked analyst report, Apple is set to make your wishes come true.

Apple Insider has today released details of a report by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo which predicts Apple is set to release two new models of the Apple Watch next month, with the Sport edition getting a major revamp.

Apple has proven its obsession with understanding the way technology can be used to analyse health and fitness, building up what it is believed to the largest research program into people's fitness at a hi-tech lab away from Cupertino headquarters.

But for Apple fans wanting to make the most out of the Apple Watch's features when it comes to exercise, it currently has two key limitations: it doesn't have its an internal GPS and it does not have a waterproof rating that will let you wear it swimming.


While you can wear your Apple Watch to get accurate distance information when you're running, the current pace information is not as accurate as a running watch with its own GPS.

So, if you're trying to run a certain distance at a certain pace, such as when you're running interval sessions, if you have an Apple Watch on your left wrist then you would probably want to wear a Garmin, Suunto, TomTom or Polar watch on your right.

And, because it's not waterproof, there is a range of sports that many people do to stay fit where they cannot wear an Apple Watch, with swimming and triathlon just being two.

Kuo predicts Apple will release an upgrade to the original model that will have a faster processor plus a sports model with GPS and barometer features plus improved waterproofing.

The new Sport model, Kuo says in his report, will also have a bigger battery to power the GPS features.

Kuo has a good track record for predicting new Apple products but nothing is confirmed with Apple until it is released.

There have been no announcements but Apple is expected to unveil changes to the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone 7 in early September.