The future look and feel of Auckland will become clearer today when a new rulebook telling people what can be built and where is released.

The rulebook, formally known as the Unitary Plan, is expected to allow for intensification on a scale the city has never seen and open up more rural land for houses. It will decide where and how Aucklanders will live, work and play for the next 30 years.

At 1.30pm, the rulebook will go live on the Auckland Council website with final recommendations from an independent hearings panel that has been wading through mountains of evidence and thousands of submissions.

Mayor Len Brown and councillors will meet from August 10 to approve or reject the recommendations. They must publish their decisions by August 19. Limited appeal rights are open until September 16.


Government ministers have called on the council to approve the plan against the backdrop of soaring house prices and a shortfall of houses in the rapidly growing city.

Aucklanders will be able to find out what is planned for their property by going to the council website and typing in their address.

The plan will also include maps showing the final recommendations by area.