Bad-taste burger ideas have forced McDonald's New Zealand to backtrack on one of its campaigns.

The fast food chain launched its "Make Burger History" site this week where customers could build their own burger and get free fries and a medium soft drink.

McDonald's was forced to act quickly however when the website became overrun by racist, homophobic and otherwise offensive suggestions.

The page has since been shut down and now redirects to the main McDonald's website.


"Just come in to a participating 'Create Your Taste' McDonald's and order your Creation at the self ordering kiosk," the campaign stated.

Initial ideas ranged from the basic "Bag of Lettuce (a pile of lettuce leaves) and "The Carbonator" (seven stacked burger buns), to X-rated, including "Girth" (a stack of seven burger patties).

Some of the more offensive suggestions which made the website's front page before it was shut down overnight included "Mosque at Ground-Zero", "Rektal Prolapse" and "Toddler Body Bag".

Nutella faced similar issues after it allowed customers to create their own label last year with some suggesting ideas like "poop" and "diabetes".