A Tauranga bar has caused outrage after telling Pokemon fans they will be kicked out if they are caught playing the popular new game at the venue.

But Krazy Jacks' management have been quick to respond to the criticism, saying it was a marketing stunt that's worked well.

Krazy Jacks' Facebook post stated: "Krazy Jacks would like to announce that it is a Pokemon free zone anyone caught playing Pokemon Go will be told directly to f*** off."

Courtney Ellison replied on Facebook: "Telling people to f*** off for playing a game is immature and definitely doesn't sound like the kind of fun easy going environment you're trying (and failing) at promoting yourselves as."


Facebook user Harry Mills said: "A metal bar that plays [drum and bass music] but won't let others play what they want ... good business model if you wanna make no cash from out of towners, who, by the way, are often the ones with large disposable incomes."

Bradyoact1v commented on Twitter: "And on that day Krazy Jacks lost all of its business."

Krazy Jacks replied saying it was a marketing stunt, promoting their plans for the weekend.

"Now that I have successfully gained so many people's attention," they said. "As for what you're into we don't care this was just a brilliant marketing scheme to get everyone's attention."

The Herald has approached Krazy Jacks for a comment.