Are we so crazy for Pokemon Go we broke it?

NZ's Pokemon Go players found themselves unable to access the game this morning, leaving fans distraught.

Twitter user @kindagot says the outage has ruined her day.

Players are less than impressed with the app's servers, suggesting they are crude devices made of potatoes and a mish-mash of wires, appearing not unlike a children's science project.


Some have even started blaming the Brits.

The reality mobile phone game was released in New Zealand last Wednesday. It's since been released in the United States and Australia.

Some UK residents are allegedly trying to bypass their local servers to access the game on New Zealand and Australian servers.

UK citizens can gain access to the app by downloading it from a torrent or file sharing website such as APK Mirror and sideloading it onto android devices. Traffic to the site has spiked 597 per cent since the app's release, SimilarWeb has reported.

The downloads have resulted in server overloads and outages for users on both sides of the Tasman, which are still affecting many New Zealand players.

"People in the UK need to stop playing and adding to the server problems," a user posted on today according to

While it's not confirmed if that is the case, Aussieoutages is carrying numerous messages reporting server issues, to the distress of some players.

"Having no service for pokemon go is stressing me out," @EzmaeS said. "This will be an uneventful tram ride," @TransitDork said.


Elsewhere, Pokemon Go continues to take the world by storm, with the New York Daily News tweeting its front page for tomorrow:

The game has been plagued by scaling issues since it exploded on the app scene last week.

A website has been set up to track Pokemon's server information.

While the app servers are being stablised, ACC has some words of advice for Pokemon trainers in New Zealand to keep players injury free.

Tips include the suggestion of warming up before heading out to hunt Pokemon, and gamers should "stay hydrated, wear suitable footwear and dress appropriately. The Pokemon may be naked but you shouldn't be. It's cold out there."

ACC also urges players to work as a team to look after eachother and be vigilant in the playing environment, especially if looking for a Ghastly at night.

ACC says that they are yet to receive notification of game-related injuries in New Zealand.