It was a very proud early morning last Thursday.

My 20 year-old daughter Liz (one of the triplets and studying international marketing and business) called to see if I wanted to go to a Zeald and Google AdWords seminar. Of course the answer was yes, and I invited my other daughter Samantha (one of the twins, 24 and working with me).

So three rows from the front sat the Mayo-Smith ladies.

While I might be convinced to give paying Google for ads a go (if out of curiosity if nothing else); I found the initial presentation given by Mitchel O'Donohue from Google Australia interesting and worth sharing.


Instead of making a long word filled story for you to read; how about I give you the bullet point notes I took from the presentation?

• New Zealand has 90 per cent internet penetration.

• 94 per cent of internet users research a company online before doing business with them.

• Therefore, 80 per cent of your potential customers are making purchasing decisions online.

• People check their phones on average 150 times a day.

Here are a few app suggestions on how you can count your smartphone usage:

- Moment
- Off time
- Breakfree
- Flipd

A new phenomenon due to the rise in smartphones is where we turn to our devices to answer a need while doing something else. Mobile has changed everything.


We don't just go online, we live online. 9 out of 10 people turn to their phone while doing something else - for example finding nutritional information while cooking; how to replace sparkplugs while trying to tune an engine. Search is sporadic. Spontaneous.

• 20 per cent increase in mobile share of online sessions.
• 18 per cent decrease in time spent per website visit.
• 29 per cent increase in mobile conversion rates.
• Give people a better experience they're more likely to convert

Your biggest opportunities in the smallest moments (to succeed in the micromoment world you need to:

1. Be there

• 51 per cent smartphone users discover new companies while searching.
• One in three have purchased from a company different than the one they were searching for.
• 47 per cent said they'd ignore a brand not showing up in search.

2. Be useful

• 73 per cent like getting regular useful information.
• 61 per cent will be more likely to buy with cusotmised mobile websites.
• 74 per cent rely on phones more than or equal to their desktop when searching for information.
• 86 per cent found directions or contac t details for a business using their phone in the past three months (businesses near me).

Key questions to ask when reviewing your website to see if it works for your customers:

- What do they want to learn
- Are we helping them to find our service/product in nearby locations
- Where are they buying from us

3. Be quick

• 67 per cen will leave your site if it doesn't load in two seconds.
• Eliminate steps.
- What key actions are needed to preform?
- Which function is essential. Remove all others.
- What do you know about your customer to provide a good customer experience?
• Implement a one click system.
• Design efficient forms.
• Provide alternatives to finish transactions.

4. Connect the dots

Micromoments have fragmented consumer journey.

• 90 per cent use multiple screens for everyday activities.
• 87 per cent do research before going to a store.
• 82 per cent turn to smartphones while in a store.
• PC's are ancient history.

You can find out more information here.