Kiwis can now visit a free-to-use website to compare internet broadband providers.

The website, Broadband Compare, allows users to see more than 2,700 broadband deals from around 70 internet providers and compare prices.

A key benefit of the website is to give consumers options and to give smaller internet providers an equal voice - driving competition.

Broadband Compare founder and chief executive Gavin Male said consumers have a lot more options than they think.


"There is a perception that there are only a handful of ISPs operating in the New Zealand market, when in reality there are actually more than 80 ISPs, offering a total of more than 2,700 packages - that's a lot of choice," Male said.

"The best deals out there aren't necessarily those being offered by the major players, and a consumer might be on the wrong package for them.

"Broadband Compare makes it extremely easy for New Zealanders to compare broadband plans and make the right choice."

In comparison to international markets, New Zealand is very expensive for internet services, Male said.

The Web tool is expected to become key for consumers, with the number of connected Kiwi's expected to grow to 4.4 million by 2020.

Male said he believes the service will help to educate New Zealand consumers, making them more price-sensitive, and helping to drive competition in the industry.

"Broadband Compare will empower consumers to find the most appropriate broadband plan for them, at the best price," he said.

It is currently the only portal offering a comprehensive overview of internet packages and deals.