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1. Australia
Australians go to the voting polls tomorrow. Craig's Mark Lister says: "Polls remain too close to call at the headline level, although betting odds favour the reigning Coalition, lead by Malcolm Turnbull, and more detailed analysis of the polls also points to the status quo being maintained. However, it is likely that the current government will prevail but with a much smaller majority, something which reduces any ability to embark on an extensive reform agenda. In other words, expect the current lot to be returned to parliament but don't expect any more to get done in the aftermath. The financial market impacts from the Australian election are limited although sectors to watch for potential policy change include the banks, healthcare, superannuation and housing."

2. Z Energy
Z Energy's annual general meeting is at 2pm in the Amokura Gallery at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. This year, Z is trying out a hybrid online meeting so shareholders have the option of attending and participating via an online platform.

3. Christchurch
The new Tuhauora Christchurch Central Service - Alcohol and Other Drugs premises in opened today.


4. Biodiesel
Fonterra' first milk collection fleet switches to Z Energy biodiesel today. An event is being held to mark this at Edgecumbe.

5. Brexit
Further news and announcements expected, as the week concludes.