Trust House's iconic Top Pub in Greytown is up for sale - the final move before the organisation settles into a new venue and housing portfolio vision.

Chief executive Allan Pollard said the decision to sell the 153-year-old Victorian property was made "for no other reason other than it was an opportune time" to see if there were any potential buyers.

He said it would likely be the last venue Trust House puts up for sale in the foreseeable future.

"That really is it for me and Trust House for a while with the sale of our venues," Mr Pollard said.


"We're pretty much at the stage now that we're comfortable with everything we've got.

"Our focus really has been community housing, with what's happening in the marketplace, but we're still very committed to hospitality and retail; very committed to that."

In the past couple of years, Trust House has let go of several businesses.

It sold Greytown Four Square after it failed to sell it as a going concern, and closed the Homestead Restaurant, Homestead Bar and Greytown Wines and Spirits.

Mr Pollard said Trust House's recent history of venue sales had been about "getting to the place where all the operations and businesses we've got are generating good income and surplus to go back into the community".

"My real focus has been to establish strong financial foundations for the group," he said.

"The annual report will be released in a few weeks and this is really the end of the plan in terms of the selling of businesses.

"The area of growth really will be in community housing."

Bayleys Real Estate Agent Dave Wish said although no formal offers had been made for the Top Pub, which had been on the market since May 24, there had been "lots of interest from the far north, Wellington and Australia".

Mr Pollard said the sale would be a great opportunity for a couple who want to make a really good lifestyle choice in Greytown.

"It's got a very good restaurant, and I suppose it's quite iconic, the Top Pub in Greytown."

Trust House runs a range of businesses in regions of interest, including rental homes, liquor stores, bars, hotels, supermarkets and a hydroelectric scheme. It continues to own and operate all of its assets on behalf of major shareholder the Masterton Community Trust.