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1. Kathmandu
This big retail business has a new head office at 223 Tuam St, Christchurch and the official opening is today. The new office will house more than 150 staff, with enhanced facilities for the 60 people in the company's product design, systems and online development teams. Kathmandu is the anchor tenant for the developer, Kew Innovation, and has expansion rights to the adjoining building being built as part of the $20 million development. The development will also have a Kathmandu concept store.

2. Technology
The Tech Sector Economic Report is launched today in Wellington.

3. Tegal
Full year earnings are out today.


4. Hospital
A new skybridge for North Shore Hospital will be opened today.

5. T&G
The T&G Global annual meeting is at 2 pm in the Guineas 3 Room, Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland.

6. Australia
House price data is out, along with the New South Wales state budget.

7. Britain
Watch Brexit debates unfold as Thursday's referendum draws closer. We should know the results in New Zealand around Friday 3pm.