The failure of Sky Television's online streaming service for almost all of today's NBA match between Steven Adams' Oklahoma Thunder and the Golden State Warriors isn't good enough, says company boss John Fellet.

Sky tweeted about the outage towards the start of Game 7 of the Western Conference NBA finals .

Twitter users, in response, lambasted the company, with one person calling the situation a "disgrace".

Sky Go was down for more than three quarters of the game, fixed just in time for the final five minutes.


Asked if this was good enough, Sky chief executive John Fellet said: "No it's not good enough. I haven't got a report yet on what caused the outage of it but it certainly wasn't volume related. Last time it fell was in February and since then we've have tons of heavy-usage of it including Friday and Saturday nights with the rugby. It was pretty light today when the login failed, so I don't know exactly what caused it," he said.

In February, Sky Go customers were unable to watch the first two hours of the Black Caps game against Australia at Eden Park because of technical issues.

"The hardest thing to do in the world is to stream live sports ... we recognise our subscribers like it so we're going to continue to endeavour to do well at it. But like I said, the last time it went down was in February so we've made some good headway ... we'll continue to get better at it," he said.

"The easiest thing to do would be just to stop SkyGo but I think those that have it love it and want us to keep endeavouring to keep it going."

Award winning Radio Sport journalist Charlie Bristow had the best tweet of the day, photoshopping the iconic Crying Jordan meme onto the SKY GO logo.