Corporate New Zealand is taking the lead of Australian and American businesses opting for Uber in the workplace.

Uber for Businesses, a platform which allows companies to manage employee travel via a central dashboard, is currently being used by 700 Kiwi businesses - small, medium and large.

Uber New Zealand city lead Richard Menzies said hundreds of businesses across the country are now recognising the benefits of ridesharing.

"Hundreds of businesses across New Zealand are recognising the benefits of ridesharing, and embracing Uber as a safe, reliable and affordable way for their employees to get from A to B," Menzies said.


"At up to 40 per cent cheaper than other forms of point to point transport,Uber for Business not only offers local businesses significant cost savings on employee travel, but can also help improve the efficiency of business travel administration and management."

Menzies said more than 50,000 businesses worldwide have Uber business accounts.

This includes a number of New Zealand's largest legal, telco and technology companies and global businesses such as Citi, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Uber for Business has a number of corporate benefits including an account for every employee, customised policy controls and simplified, cashless payment options.

In Auckland, Uber's base fare is $1.30, in comparison, Wellington's base fare is 15 cents higher at $1.45. The minimum fare is $5.