On Thursday the Government will reveal who will get what of its $75-76 billion of spending this year and the years to come.

This is the National-led Government's eighth Budget for the country, and it's expected to be fiscally conservative.

Finance Minister Bill English is expected to address housing, education, health and benefits.

To address the sky-rocketing house prices in Auckland new money is expected to be made available to free surplus Crown land for private-sector development.


Tax cuts have been taken off the agenda, until at least 2017, in favour of putting money into bringing down Government debt.

Liam Dann: Measly takeaways on Budget menu
There are 3,556,000 taxpayers in New Zealand. The Government allocated spending of $74.9 billion in last year's Budget. Each taxpayer gets $21,062. If you were in charge of the Budget, how would you want your $21,062 spent?