Following on from Burger King's bizarre addition to its menu - a restaurant sauna in Finland - we take a look at some of the biggest fast food brand's inventions.

With competition tight and consumer's after new experiences, it's no surprise brands are experimenting with 'interesting' foodie inventions. Here are some of their latest, and sometimes short-lived, creations:

Burger King's Snoop Dogg-endorsed hot dog

Burger King's 'flame grilled' weiner started life with a celebrity endorsement, and still flopped.

After 62 years of making burgers, the burger chain decided to bring a hot dog to its range. It turns out it was not exactly what people were expecting.


KFC's double down

Bunless chicken 'burger' anyone?

KFC introduced double downs - chicken patties stuck together with cheese and a helping of bacon - in 2013.

Since then it has graced KFC menus, making a comeback again and again and again.

Chicken fries?

Nice in theory but what about the taste?

Earlier this year Burger King unveiled its latest product and by the looks of social media response, foodies around the world seem to be in favour of this unconventional snack.

One social media user took to Twitter to make her love of chicken fries known by all.

And if chicken fries wasn't enough, in some countries Burger King also tried their luck with introducing chicken fries - ring edition.

Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed crust pizza

If the pizza itself wasn't enough, don't worry there is a built in hot dog too.


Pizza Hut brought in the limited edition pizza early to New Zealand last year and it received a mixed response. In Australia the hot dog pizza has became a fixed item on the menu, offered in a number of variety's.

McDonald's black and grey cheese burgers

Black cheese? Well that's something new.

Following Burger King's lead, McDonald's introduced a frightful black burger.

A hit in Japan, the burger was dubbed the 'Snaktaku'. Marketed as a 'halloween burger' in the West, this burger has received reviews that say it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

In China McDonald's launched a grey, pork burger.

While the bun could be mistaken for your kitchen top bench, some consumers said the pork burger is nicer than it looks.