• The new notes might not be seen by the public for a few weeks.
• The old notes and new notes can both be used.
• The notes have increased security features.

Brand new $20, $50 and $100 banknotes have entered circulation this morning, but people might not see the notes for a few more weeks.

The Reserve Bank announced today the bright notes were now in circulation, after the new $5 and $10 notes entered circulation in October.

Head of currency, property and security, Steve Gordon, said the release of the remaining notes was a milestone for the project to upgrade New Zealand's banknotes to make them more secure.


"Approximately 300,000 of the new Series 7 $20, $50 and $100 banknotes have been dispatched to banks to meet their orders so far," Gordon said.

"The Reserve Bank expects more orders to come in from retail banks over the next few months as they gradually replace old notes."

The new $5 and $10 banknotes have been in circulation since October last year, and already 9.7 million new notes have been dispensed.

The new $10 banknote. Photo / Mark Mitchell
The new $10 banknote. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Both Series 6 and the new Series 7 notes will circulate together, and both will be legal tender. This means the public can make payment with either the old or the new banknotes.

A public awareness campaign will run for four weeks to educate the public about the new notes and their security features.

Find out about the features of our new banknotes by taking the notes for a spin at www.brightermoney.co.nz
New Security Features

• A larger window features a more detailed metallic element
• The native bird icon changes colour as the note is tilted, and a bar can be seen moving through the space
• A small 'puzzle number' lines up when the note is held up to the light
• Raised ink is still used on the large denomination number.