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As you read this, I will be in Queenstown, presenting to an International conference for consulting engineer CEO's.

I only have 34 minutes for my presentation "A Global Shift In Customer Relations". You may ask, how can you cover that in half an hour? You're right. So I needed to make my four points sharp.

The one I'd like to write about today is, as usual, getting more done in less time.

One of the current problems in the industry is pricing and competition. From my research, I was told to help mitigate that problem, firms have to show their value and deepen relationships. Another problem they have is too much work; too few engineers.


So if engineers are heads down working away, how can they have the time to communicate with clients more often to try to deepen personal relationships?

If you have read my columns before, you know one of my key points in boosting productivity is to learn your software better. The more shortcuts and features you use; the more time you save.

Instead of saying to the audience 'By ensuring your staff learn 3 or 4 key email and smartphone tricks, they can free up 20 minutes a day and deepen relations, I put up this slide.

This slide quantified the increase in Income (billable hours) and profit (more productive admin staff) over a one year period. I know what you're thinking - how did she come up with those numbers? By mulitplying 20 minutes a day times 45 working weeks a year times the average billable rate for engineers, principals and admin salaries.

Two points here.

First. Saying '20 minutes' is fluffy. Quantifying a result of those 20 minutes is dramatic.

Second. How much time are you - and your staff wasting mucking about on the computer? If you could free up 20 minutes a day for yourself and them- which by the way works out to be 74 hours a working year - what would you do with that time? What could your staff do?

I've just launched two new online learning programs. One for Outlook. One for Excel. Each has 16 lessons. How it works is a weekly email comprised of: a highlighted pain point, your solution, a short, exact, how-to video.


Videos are under one minute for Outlook; under two minutes for Excel. Here's a link to the brochure
Watch two examples:
Outlook: Drag and Drop 36 seconds
Excel: Separating First and Last Names 2 min 25 seconds but worth it - two tips

Would you like to win one of the Outlook or Excel programmes for up to 8 staff?
Simply email me (Debbie) here mailto:debbie@debbiespeaks.co.nz to enter the contest and let me know which you prefer - excel or outlook. Contest ends 22/5/16