NZME has partnered with New Zealand's most popular online restaurant booking software company Eveve NZ to provide people with exclusive dining experiences.

NZME group ECommerce director Richard Harrison said the partnership meant NZME consumers would be exposed to Eveve's popular online booking website Restaurant Hub, with exclusive dining experiences offered also.

"The partnership has already borne fruit, with the newly launched Restaurant Hub Platinum program.

"We know that our food and beverage content is seen as a trusted source.


"Our relationship with Eveve will let us deliver a range of new experiences for our consumers, and we look forward to working even more closely on marketing opportunities with our restaurant partners," he said.

Eveve's managing director and co-owner Mark Gregory agreed, and said the partnership would be hugely beneficial to restaurants using their booking software.

"With restaurants reviews and food features across their brands such as the New Zealand Herald, Viva and canvas magazine, NZME recognised as major drivers of dining choice."