A driver on Auckland's motorway sits with his arms clasped in his lap in a video that shows the reality of the self-driving car phenomenon.

The future is here. Sigurd Magnusson says that's the idea he wanted to capture by filming from the passenger seat of Sean Dick's Tesla S as it drives autonomously on Auckland's motorway.

In the video filmed in March, the Tesla vehicle climbs the Harbour Bridge, takes the turns at Westhaven and glides on to the Victoria Park overpass without its driver's hands on the steering wheel.

The car adjusts its speed automatically, takes corners and even changes lane on command.


"A lot of people are hearing about this idea of self-driving cars. Most people though don't realise that these are already driving around New Zealand," Magnusson said.

"I wanted to show that something they thought was in the future is already here."

Six months ago Magnusson bought a Nissan Leaf after being interested in the electric vehicle development for many years. His car has driven 10,000 km in six months, at a cost of $200 in residential electricity bills.

Magnusson was one of 300,000 people around the world to pay a deposit for the yet-to-be-released Tesla model 3, the new vehicle aimed at a mass market.

Magnusson and Dick are part of an electric vehicle community who are driving the length of New Zealand and visiting different locations to raise awareness about the vehicles. Visit Leading the Charge on Facebook to find out more details.

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