Following debate on the state of New Zealand's job market, many job seekers took to social media to share their top tips for gaining employment.

One Reddit user, TheZephyrMonk, started the thread asking users' for their number one tip for gaining employment in New Zealand and switching jobs.

User response was mixed and many had some interesting words of wisdom to share.

Here is a compilation of top ten tips from Redditers:
1. "Don't be a c***", CRK90 wrote.


"Half the interview is them seeing if you'll work with the people they already have."

2. Be friendly, be helpful, be polite, honest, enthusiastic, dress well.

Fitzroy95: "Doesn't matter if it isn't your first choice of job, or your preference for employer. You are trying to sell yourself, and that includes your personality as well as your CV and skills."

3. Treat the receptionist as well as you do everyone else.

"Their opinion often counts just as much as anyone else," pixeldustnz wrote.

4. Don't quit your job until you have another.

5. Write a CV, not a novel.

"Even if you have enough experience and qualifications to run the place, less is more when it comes to a CV," Thr33Swords wrote.

6. Do your homework on the company first, check out any recent press releases, perhaps an annual report or two.

7. "Try and be as likable as possible," celticknife wrote.

8. Ask questions during the interview.

9. Don't be put off by the ad for a job.

Nutsaur: "'Do you have an eye for detail?' Not really. 'Are you constantly full of energy?' Not really. Still apply! These sorts of questions are there to weed out those with no confidence."

10. Talk but don't talk too much.