Kiwi menswear brand Meccano has been added to a stable of clothing names that includes women's label Ruby after its acquisition this month by De Vere Investments.

De Vere investments managing director Vere Sharma said he was looking forward to continuing to build the Meccano brand, particularly its online offering.

"We're committed to evolving and strengthening Meccano and ensuring it remains relevant and competitive in today's market," Sharma said.

"Though it's a challenging and dynamic time for the retail industry, with the growth of online sales and increased competition from New Zealand and offshore, we believe that if you do something with passion and focus it will succeed."


De Vere's was established 28 years ago by Vere and Christine Sharma to supply textiles and manufactured goods to businesses throughout New Zealand and overseas, including Meccano.

"We bought Ruby in 2002 and it was womenswear, but we've always had a leaning in menswear," Sharma said. "Our wholesale business has always kind of been about menswear.

"We supplied all the major chains in New Zealand and so it was a very logical move for us to buy Meccano."

The two companies have a well-established working relationship of more than 10 years, making for a seamless transition into new ownership for Meccano staff and customers.

Former Meccano owners Dai and Cheryl Endicott-Davies said they were pleased the company had remained under New Zealand ownership.

"Meccano has worked with De Vere as a trusted supplier for more than 10 years, so we believe that the business is in safe hands," they said.

The menswear brand, which specialises in everyday clothing, has 15 stores across New Zealand.

Sharma said business would continue as normal with the exception of Meccano's head office, which would move from Hamilton to De Vere's Auckland office alongside Ruby.

He said the clothing industry here was going to be facing some challenges with Zara and H&M among other brands entering the market, but the company was at a good stage.