The power of strong brands is an established phenomenon. Why else would someone pay $100 for a T-shirt with a well-respected logo on it, over an equally well-made blank garment on sale for $10?

In the same way that Nike, Toyota and Apple are respected brands, we individually are also brands in the employment marketplace. Some of us have high value, driven by our achievements, successes and networks, while others are less established or respected.

Employing top brands for your organisation

From a recruitment perspective, the reason for recruiting top "brands" in your industry is very important. The power of a person's individual brand, dictates their level of influence they have in the marketplace.


Create new business opportunities

The more influence and respect an individual has in an industry (or a niche in the industry), the more potential business opportunities they can generate. The more business opportunities they can create, in turn leads to more income streams as these opportunities are converted. An example would be a respected lawyer in the field of environmental law. As they improve their brand through winning cases, writing articles and having a solid online presence, they become a trusted voice for the sector, in turn generating high levels of trust and influence. Therefore potential clients seeking out a leader in the field to represent them, will choose this person over a less high-profile competitor.

Assert your practice and corporate brand

Another key benefit that flows from a strong personal brand in your team, is the reflected brand for your business. Having a group of talented, respected and influential team members will ensure your business is seen as a leader in your field.

Expand your corporate networks

People with strong brands have trusted and respected relationships they can use to generate new networks and influence for your business. This is very important as these new customers become established clients over the long term.

Assist in recruitment of talented staff

True professionals want to work alongside other leaders in the field so attracting top candidates for key roles becomes easier. This is evident when recruiting talented graduates to your organisation who are keen to learn from the best.


Drive speciality in corporate niches

If your business is niched, recruiting leaders in this area will drive more business, allowing you to invest in the niche further, securing it ahead of your competitors over the long term.

Advocate for positive change

A strong personal brand will carry more influence in their sector, and in turn allow them to advocate more successfully for positive change on behalf of the disenfranchised as well as to lawmakers. Their words are influential and carry more weight, leading to positive outcomes for those allied with them and their cause.

Recruiting for Personal Brand

Remember next time you are looking for a team member to help lead your organisation into the future, add "personal brand" into the mix of your recruitment decision-making. The success of your business may depend on it.

Tom O'Neil is an award-winning business speaker and best-selling international author.
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