A beachside home in Mt Maunganui has hit the market with an asking price of nearly $6.8 million, one of the highest listed in the Bay of Plenty.

The modern, architecturally designed home, has a kitchen on each of its three levels, four large bedrooms with en suites, a home theatre and an indoor pool and spa boasting ocean views.

On a 1072sq m section, the home also has self-contained guest accommodation, 180-degree views of the sea and enough garage space for seven cars.

Bayleys Tauranga saleswoman Sharon Hall said the home was special because it was "extremely unlikely" that a property like it would be able to be built again.


"This is because the current owner also owned the house next door when they built this house," she said.

"This situation presented enormous design advantages to the architect."

The result was a "huge area" on the third floor of the house, which was used for the indoor pool and spa, a large bathroom to service them and a home theatre.

These features would not have been possible if the normal consent processes had been required, she said.

"Visually the house has also benefitted considerably with the final design being attractive, balanced and substantial without the normal 'wedding cake look' that other three-storey homes have due to building consent restrictions."

Ms Hall said the home was priced for sale at its registered valuation.

Across Mt Maunganui, which boasts some of Tauranga's highest-value streets, median house values had risen 22 per cent in the last year to $675,450, with a 14 per cent increase in the difference between CV and sale price over the past three months, according to QV.

However, the Oceanbeach Rd home doesn't break, or even come near, the record for the highest asking price in Tauranga.

The property has an asking price of nearly $6.8 million. Photo / Alan Gibson
The property has an asking price of nearly $6.8 million. Photo / Alan Gibson

That belonged to a grand hilltop estate with sweeping views over Tauranga that entered the market in 2013 with a $12 million price tag and a $400 fee just to take a tour.

Other mammoth residential listings and sales in the city included a five-bedroom house in Mt Maunganui's Marine Parade, listed for $8.5 million and sold for $7.9 million in May 2007.

The Oceanbeach Rd home was listed at the same time as one of Hamilton's priciest listings -- an expansive property overlooking the Waikato River that includes its own gymnasium, covered swimming pool and sauna.

The centrally located property, off Hamilton's River Rd, is being sold by tender next month and stands a chance of breaking the record for the city's most expensive house.

The owners bought the Pollock Dr mansion for $2.375 million in 2013 and the sale price is expected to exceed that after the addition of another bedroom as well as a general increase in house prices in the past three years.

The property has two titles with a combined CV of $1.94 million.