A range of gourmet terrines and rillettes are being recalled because of fears they may contain listeria.

Charcuterie du Pacifique Sud Limited is recalling specific batches of five different products in their L'Authentique brand terrine and rillettes.

The recalled ready-to-eat meat products include the Provencal Terrine, Duck and Green Peppercorn Terrine, Pork Rillettes, Chicken and Pistachio Terrine and the Bacon and Prune Terrine.

All are sold in 100g plastic vacuum packages and have a use by date of 14/03/16 and 21/03/16.


The Ministry For Primary Industries is warning people not to eat the affected batches in case they are contaminated.

The products at the centre of the recall have been sold in supermarkets in Auckland, Tauranga, Hawke's Bay and Wellington.

Those who may have the products in their fridges are being urged to check the date on the package before eating.

If people had consumed any of the meat spreads and had any concerns about illness they were advised to seek medical advice.

No other L'Authentique brand products are affected by the recall.

Listeria is a food-borne bacteria which can make people sick. It poses the greatest risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies and those with weakened immune systems.