A New Zealand tech duo have unveiled a new 'smart mount' system for cars - and hope a new funding bid will help take their innovation onto the dashboards of billions of cars across the globe.

Bluejay, which touts itself as the world's first 'smart' mount device, was designed by Nick Bartlett as a way to keep drivers connected to the outside world, all while keeping driving safe.

The smart device sits on the dashboard in the line of sight and comes with an app that manages pre-programmed quick messaging and calling, navigation and entertainment with a single tap.

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The device features other functions including automatic parking meter notifications, remote control of smart home systems, a do-not-disturb mode, pre-programmed SMS/emergency calls and even personal driving statistics.


Bluejay founder Nick Bartlett said now is the right time to digitally connect cars, similarly to other aspects of life.

"Today everything is smart, from our phones to our homes, but something was missing until now, our cars," he said. "People spend a lot of time behind the wheel, especially commuting, but we are still connected, so we wanted to make this as easy and safe as possible."

Bluejay developers have started a Kickstarter campaign today that hopes to raise funds to put the initiative into action.

With over a billion cars globally and around 2.5 billion smartphones, Bartlett believes there is potential for mass global appeal.

"We believe Bluejay has the potential for mass market global appeal to tens of millions of drivers so we are seeking validation through a Kickstarter campaign - we want to know the world wants this solution and product."

The mount is made of high-grade aluminum and durable carbon fiber. It comes with an air vent clip, suction cup and adhesive pad for driver preference.

Bluejay features:

• Call and messaging shortcuts
• Parking meter notifications
• Accident prevention and assistance
• Integration with music apps and internet radio
• Navigation and smart places
• Personalised driving statistics
• Smart home and IFTTT integration