Global board game favourite Monopoly is shaking things up and heading into the new world of e-commerce, moving to a totally paperless version.

Game creator Hasbro has announced plans to replace traditional paper notes for credit cards and a swipeable eftpos machine in the latest edition of the game, Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition.

In this version buying property, paying rent and taking a chance card will require players to swipe a single card against a battery-powered banking unit.

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The move to digital 'banking' is expected to speed up the game, replacing hours of counting cash manually. And there's another change - a new 'Life events' chance card that will play with rent fluctuation and other financially-distressing situations.

Hasbro has previously toyed with making the iconic game electronic, however, this will mark the first time the game is made completely paperless.

Monopoly the Ultimate Banking edition will be available in Australia and the United States from September.