With Twitter users flat-lining and shares plummeting, it's time to look to the future of social media

Despite the company shrugging off a decline in share price and a drop off in new users, commentators are calling this year critical for Twitter.

Social media users are already looking to latch on to the next big thing in the space.

Here's a look at five social media platforms rising through the ranks.

1. The List App


was developed by actor B.J. Novak (best known for playing Ryan on The Office) and has built a solid base of users among celebrities and news organisations. People can make lists of anything, for example your favourite place to get ice cream in Auckland or travel destinations you're dying to visit. You can ask people to contribute to your list, or jump in to other people's lists and add an idea. The best part is seeing lists from well-known people like Lena Dunham, John Mayer and Snoop Dogg.

2. Yik Yak
While Yik Yak isn't exactly new, it still hasn't caught on with mainstream users. Yik Yak encourages people to start conversations with the people around them. People can log on to the app and see conversations happening around them, or search for a location and see what people are talking about around the world. Concerns have been raised about the app's anonymity function, but it has gained traction in some college campuses.

3. Peach

Peach is a mixture of Facebook Messenger and Twitter and has people intrigued. Photo / Peach
Peach is a mixture of Facebook Messenger and Twitter and has people intrigued. Photo / Peach

is developed by the co-founder of

, and is a messaging app, kind of like a mix between Facebook Messenger and Twitter. You can send messages to friends, but everything is public. The features you can add to the messages, including doodles, gifs, and music tracks, set Peach a part. When Peach was launched it was talked about a lot, but social media platforms can't survive on hype alone, it has to be used by all your friends.

4. Blab

is a video streaming site similar to Periscope, but users can have up to four people involved in a live stream at a time. It is a more conversational setting than Periscope, and allows videos to be replayed once the live stream has ended. Video is tipped to be the biggest social media trend in 2016, so will Blab take off? Time will tell.

5. SlideShare
SlideShare is technically part of LinkedIn, but is so unique it could be classified as a whole other social media platform. Users can share slideshows they've made on topics with the public and their personal network. It's a platform mainly used by corporates, and as LinkedIn grows, so does the number of users on SlideShare.