Christchurch-based boy racers are among the groups planning protests against the Trans Pacific Partnership this week.

A group of car enthusiasts is promoting an event in which participants will "cruise" through the city's streets on Saturday in protest at the 12-country trade agreement.

"This is a call to all Christchurch car enthusiasts to come together for a peaceful protest cruise against TPP," one the protest's organisers said on the group's Facebook page.

The protestors were concerned that the agreement would raise the price for imports, including car parts.


They were also worried about the potential impact of the deal on the environment, workers, and New Zealand's right to govern in the national interest.

Around 4000 people have expressed an interest in attending the event.

A series of anti-TPP rallies and meetings are expected in the lead-up to the signing of the TPP in Auckland on February 4. Protests are also taking place in other member countries.

The Government says the trade agreement will add $2.7 billion a year to this country's GDP when it is fully implemented in 2030.

Once the agreement is signed by leaders, it must still be ratified to come into force.