A series of faulty sanders with the potential to cause life-threatening electric shocks are being recalled.

The Bosch PSS Series Orbital Sander has been recalled after it was discovered that live parts on the tool could become exposed, and ejected parts could hit users and cause injury.

Bosch is advising owners of models produced from June through to August 2007 to no longer use them.

The models were sold in New Zealand from 2007 to 2009.


Bosch spokesman Raymond Galera said a defective ventilation wheel was the reason for the recall.

"The wheel could break and it can't be ruled out that this could lead to injury.

"People who own these sanders would be best to stop using them immediately."

Mr Galera said Bosch had not been made aware of any injuries caused by the products.

"We're not aware of any cases of electric shock, but it can't be ruled out that this could lead to serious injury."