Auckland is embarking on a massive regeneration project that aims to transform many of its suburban centres.

Manukau City centre and Onehunga town centre have been approved for long-term transformation projects similar in scale to that of Wynyard Quarter.

The two locations are among a list of 19 urban development projects across Auckland, stretching from Whangaparaoa in the north to Pukekohe in the south, that were given the go-ahead at an Auckland Development Committee meeting today at the Council chambers in Auckland Town Hall.

Manukau metropolitan centre and Onehunga town centre and port will lead the way as flagship projects and are said to be similar in scale to the development of Wynyard Quarter in central Auckland.


The 19 chosen locations - which also include town centres in Northcote, Takapuna and Henderson - were identified as part of Auckland's new urban regeneration agency.

The list was recommended by council controlled organisation Panuku Development Auckland, which used feedback from key stakeholders, iwi and local boards.

Mayor Len Brown said the wide range of locations would see benefits across the city.

This would include additional housing and revamped town centres, he said.

"These developments are just one of a number of ways we are dealing with the record growth Auckland is experiencing.

"We must all work together with a shared vision to make more of what we've got."

Despite the scale of the revival projects, Panuku said it was aiming to retain the unique identity of each location so that the needs and goals of the individual communities were met.

It will be working with central government to create more housing in Manukau, including more affordable housing near employment opportunities.


It will also make better use of council owned sites in the centre of Manukau, which Panuku said will make the most of existing investment in the area.

In Onehunga, Panuku will use land in the town centre as well as the Onehunga Port to attract developers to build mixed style housing close to public transport and the water's edge.

Panuku hoped the port, which is changing to allow more public use, would also unlock the economic, recreation and transportation potential of Manukau Harbour.

It said there was also an opportunity to work with the Government to create more housing in the wider area of Onehunga.

The two flagship projects in Manukau and Onehunga fall under the "Transform" category of Panuku's approach to development outcomes in the Super City.

The aim of this category, which is one of three, is to "transform locations by creating change through urban regeneration". The Wynyard Quarter and Tamaki regeneration project also fall under this category.


Under the "Unlock" category, development and revitalisation projects in Takapuna central, Northcote town centre and the surrounding area, and the Henderson metropolitan centre have been approved. Panuku said it would work with the Government to unlock the business potential of these spots.

Existing "Unlock" locations include the Ormiston town centre and nearby Flat Bush sites, Hobsonville, Old Papatoetoe and the City centre.

Deputy Mayor and development committee chair Penny Hulse said communities in a number of these selected locations had been eagerly awaiting the developments.

"Residents have been telling us through the Auckland Plan and their Local Board plans that they want to see thriving town centres, as well as housing and commercial developments that strengthen the community and reinforce the local character.

"They're ready for change and now that the selection process is completed and the objectives are clear, it will be the role of Panuku to get on and work with the local communities to roll out these developments."

Meanwhile, Avondale and Otahuhu were approved as part of the "Support" category, which aims to make the most of what these locations already have by developing council-owned land.

Panuku interim chief executive John Dalzell said it might well be future generations that enjoy the results of these developments in Manukau and Onehunga.

This differs to the likes of Hobsonville, Papetoetoe and Whangaparaoa, where work is already underway.


"Panuku will take a long-term view of suburbs and town centres to ensure what is built today stands the test of time," Mr Dalzell said.

"We need a transformational shift in the way that urban development is delivered and our approach will focus on customised solutions for each location as we recognise their unique character and the specific wishes of the local community."

Newmarket and Mt Eden station, two locations put forward by Council, were not part of the 19 locations approved.

Panuku said it saw no clear benefit in getting involved in Newmarket.

Mt Eden station was part of the City Rail Link project and would be a future project once the City Rail Link progressed, it said.

Panuku will now produce high level project plans for the selected and approved locations.


The 19 approved development locations are:


• Wynyard Quarter

• Manukau Metropolitan Centre and surrounds

• Onehunga town centre and Port

• Takapuna town centre
• Northcote town centre and surrounds
• City centre
• Old Papatoetoe town centre
• Henderson town centre
• Ormiston town centre and nearby sites in Flatbush
• Housing for Older Persons Network of Villages

• Mt Eden (Dominion Rd and Valley Rd)
• Whangaparoa (Link Rd)
• New Lynn
• Avondale
• Pukekohe
• Stonefields (Morrin Rd, Merton Rd, Donnelly Rd)
• Howick (Fencible Drive)
• Otahuhu