A New Zealand-designed pet water bowl is finding success on Amazon and has begun distributing it to new international markets.

The Torus water bowl stores water in a reservoir and dispenses clean water when pets need a drink. When the pet has drunk and the water level drops, water is automatically dispensed to refill the bowl.

Amazon has named Torus its best-selling dog bowl and the product is now also featured in its top ten dog bowls category.

The Torus bowl, sold by the Heyrex pet technology company, has a carbon filter that cleans the water as it is dispensed.


Kim Goldsworthy of Heyrex said the company was pleased with the international response to the unique water bowl.

"We've been overwhelmed by the sheer number of positive responses Torus has received from around the world.

"As well as being available in New Zealand and Amazon in the UK, US and Canada, we now have distribution partners in the US, UK, Europe, Brazil, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Japan and Korea."

Heyrex launched the dog bowl in March, and Goldsworthy said the world-wide distribution "goes to show how far Kiwi ingenuity can go".

Heyrex also designed and distributes a device that collates data related to a dog's behaviour like exercise levels, scratching, sleep quality and other behavioural or health issues.

The monitor is hooked to the dogs collar and sends the information to a computer.

Heyrex is a Wellington start-up that began in 2004 with pet technology being sold since 2013.