There's nothing like Facebook going down to get people talking on Twitter.

Facebook is back up and running after it went down this morning, leaving its 1.49 billion users worldwide without their social media fix.

Twitter became swamped with posts using the hashtag #FacebookDown to discuss the topic and share humourous posts about the outage.

Some people regained access to Facebook at 8.50am.


Newsweek reported this was the second outage in a seven days for Facebook, the first brief outage occurred on September 24.

The outage prompted panic in many individuals, who took to Twitter to express their distress.

"The first thing you do when you think Facebook is down is go on Twitter and search #facebookdown", wrote Britt Whyatt - and that hashtag has quickly reached the top of New Zealand and the world's trending topics.

Kiwi singer-songwriter Lizzie Marvelly announced that the "internet is cancelled today".

Nayab anticipated the flow of traffic from Facebook to Twitter in advance.
"Twitter, close your borders. Facebook refugees coming this way."

Mark Greenaway asked his followers, "can everyone just come and ring my doorbell to update me on what youre doing? If I "like" it you'll be invited in for a cuppa".

Facebook users taking to real life to share photos and pokes seemed to be a theme.

"Facebook is down. Our street is full of new mums showing pictures of their kids to total strangers..." wrote Marc Iles.


"I've just knocked on next door and shown them a picture of what I've just had for my tea !" replied Andrew Moss.

Suddenly, Facebook returned - and Twitter rejoiced.

But perhaps there was an important lesson in all of this - a new study has shed light on how Facebook can make Kiwis feel bad about themselves.