Apple is set to launch a giant iPad called the iPad Plus alongside new iPhones and an upgraded Apple TV, it has been claimed.

The firm is also hoping the larger screen will help it differentiate the iPad from the big screen iPhone 6 Plus.

It is also believed to include a all-new Bluetooth stylus accessory with pressure sensitivity, and a new pressure sensitive screen.

"Alongside the new iPhones, new Apple TV, new Apple Watch bands, and a gold anodized version of the Apple Watch Sport, Apple plans to debut a pair of new iPads on Wednesday: the larger iPad Pro and a new iPad mini," claims 9to5mac.


While Apple still plans to announce the device this week, open up pre-orders in October, and begin shipping in November, we understand that the first shipments may fall towards the end of November, the site says.

It claims the gadget could cost up to US$1000, putting it on a similar footing to the firm's MacBook laptop.

According to John Paczkowski, of Buzzfeed, the new Apple TV will boast universal search, allowing users to enter the name of a program and find out where they can watch it, from a number of providers like Netflix and iTunes.

Currently finding TV shows online can be difficult, with provider's like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix all competiting, and constantly changing their catalogues.

Apple's universal search could solve this - and also make sure user's get the best price for content by showing all of the available alternatives.

"Essentially, you'll be able to search for a show or movie once, and see results from all sorts of different sources," said Paczkowski.

Apple is also believed to be unveiling a new touchscreen remote control, and will add support for wireless gamepads to the new product, set to be unveiled alongside its latest iPhones.

"According to sources with knowledge of the product, the fourth-generation Apple TV will actively compete for TV gamers with updated hardware, software, and peripherals that will debut at Apple's September 9 event in San Francisco," 9to5mac claims.


"One of the next Apple TV's tentpole features will be near-universal Siri control, a feature hinted at in Apple's invitation to the event. But the other will be deep support for gaming, representing Apple's largest-ever effort to lure players from traditional consoles."

Previous reports have hinted at the specification of the new iPad.
One person familiar with Apple's future product plans has revealed that the company is in fact working on an all-new iPad with a larger 12.9-inch display, according toAppleInsider.

This person said that Apple is expected to include an NFC radio within the new 12.9-inch iPad.

While tap-to-pay functionality in an iPad is unlikely, the inclusion of NFC could allow for an 'iPad Pro' to serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay.

The inclusion of NFC could also allow for simplified pairing with accessories, such as the new stylus said to be in the works.

The source also indicated that the jumbo-sized iPad will sport a new touchscreen with improved touch latency

Apple's next-generation iPhone, referred to colloquially as the "iPhone 6s", will also feature the Force Touch input that is currently available on the Apple Watch and latest MacBooks, it is believed.


The iPad Pro is also expected to have a USB-C input, though they didn't indicate whether it would be a new, second port option, or if USB-C would replace the Lightning connector found on current iPads. Cases based on allegedly leaked "iPad Pro" designs.

The big screen tablet is believed to be planned for release towards the end of the year.

Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at market researcher IHS, said the pans were already well advanced. "Our supply side (sources say) it's a go for 2015," Alexander told

"The release timing is fuzzy, It may not appear until Q4 (fourth quarter) with the other iPad updates. We are, however, getting input from both the component and [product] side that this is a real product, and part of their 2015 building plan."

- Daily Mail