Kiwis are pouring more money into investments which take into account environmental, social and governance factors, including their retirement savings through KiwiSaver.

A report released yesterday by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia found $63.5 billion was invested in a responsible and ethical way in 2014 - up 10 per cent on the previous year.

Simon O'Connor, RIAA chief executive, said the increase was driven by growing consumer confidence in responsible investments as well as the finance sector taking stronger positions on management of environmental and social issues.

"Consumers in ever greater numbers are awakening to the fact that you can invest prudently and profitably without compromising your values which is resulting in the growing retail interest in responsible investment," O'Connor said.


The report also found that money was also being invested responsibly through superannuation funds, fund managers, advisers and KiwiSaver.

O'Connor said the finance sector was being driven to take more account of responsible and ethical factors because of their impact on companies and investment returns.

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