Auckland Council has found there was no risk to food safety at a South Auckland McDonald's despite the mice seen running in its outdoor playground.

Environmental Health Officers have inspected the Manurewa branch, on the corner of Great South and Weymouth Rds, following the earlier reports of a rodent infestation in the play area.

A council spokeswoman said due to the concerns of vermin on the property, staff had focused on where the food was prepared and served.

"This is of paramount importance to the health and safety of customers," she said.


The inspection found there was no infestation of rats or mice on the premises and that the yard and playground had been steam-cleaned and water-blasted last night.

Furthermore the playground was separated from the food and preparation area by walls and doors.

Pest control were also on-site and had laid baits, when council staff visited.

Nevertheless, Council has made a number of recommendations to the branch to minimise the risk of rodents getting into the restaurant.

The spokeswoman said while "no risk to food safety was identified", it has advised deep cleaning to be undertaken underneath kitchen cooking areas and dry goods areas as a precaution.

It has also advised that all possible entry points, such as gaps under doors and cable holes in the floor be sealed.

The spokeswoman said the branch was registered with Council and was last inspected in November 2014 when it was given an A grade.

The grade has not changed, following this latest incident, but council staff will inspect it again next week to determine the outlet meets food safety requirements.


McDonald's management were also considering the removal of a large cabbage tree beside the building in case there is possibility for rats to enter the building from the rooftop via the tree.