A local academic says a massive leak of documents shows New Zealand has adopted an "extreme" position in international trade discussions.

WikiLeaks released 17 different documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa) overnight.

Professor Jane Kelsey said it was the largest-ever such leak of documents, including topics on finance, post and transport to professional services and domestic regulation.

The professor of law from The University of Auckland said the leaks confirmed "the world's most powerful services exporters, acting on behalf of their corporations, refuse to learn any lessons from the global financial crisis and want instead to intensify the risks from barely regulated cross border finance."


Tisa was a pact in progress involving 24 countries including Australia, Pakistan, Taiwan, the United States, several Latin American countries and the entire European Union.

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tisa participants accounted for 70 per cent of global services trade.

Last month, The New Zealand Educational Institute said the Trade In Service Agreement (TiSA) was bad news for teachers and education academics.

The Institute's national secretary Paul Goulter said the deal would lead to foreign corporations suing any government that tried to legislate against the expansion of charter schools.