A large new State Highway 1 motorway interchange opens north of Auckland on Wednesday.

The infrastructure was built by WFH of the huge new residential development at Millwater and Highgate Commercial, developers of the Highgate Business Park.

These will provide direct access into Millwater where 10,000 people will live and Wainui Rd, between the Silverdale and Orewa exits, a WFH company statement said.

The motorway works are a move to significantly decrease congestion at Silverdale and Orewa, allow the expansion of Millwater and the release of more sections there, WFH said.


Completion of the motorway infrastructure was also a requirement of the Millwater consent.

"Traffic is a major issue for all Aucklanders and as the population grows in Auckland's fastest growing residential development, fears of increased congestion have been stemmed by this essential amenity - in two ways," the WFH statement said.

"The interchange not only provides a direct motorway link for the eventual 10,000-plus residents of Millwater, it also opens the way for the new Highgate Business Park adjacent to Wainui Rd to develop, in time providing locals with the opportunity to work where they live."

Graeme Causer from WFH will speak at tomorrow's opening, along with Alistair White representing Highgate.